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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Mar 13, 2018

Show Notes:

In episode 013 of the Fly Fishing show I interviewed Kevin Feenstra, one of the first fly fisherman to start swinging flies for steelhead in the Michigan area and Great Lakes.

Kevin has a guide service with a focus on the Muskegon River and covers a bunch of great topics on how he catches fish on the swing.  We get into single handed spey lines, fishing in high water and a number of other big topics.


Click below to listen to my Interview with Kevin Feenstra:

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Show Notes with Kevin Feenstra

5:50 - Jeff Hubbard focuses on the Pere Marquette and is a good guide.

06:40 - Muskegon River - How to fish it with a boat and by foot

15:30 - Why Kevin uses a short spey tip when fishing in super cold weather - Hint:  It's because the guides are freezing

18:20 - Pete Humphries fly fishing interview on Spey Casting

21:30 - Halloween Leech is one of Kevin's goto patterns.

24:30 - Some of Kevin's other fly patterns including the Aquatic nuissance and other sculpin patterns

25:20 - Rob Bryce interview on the Skeena River and tributaries

26:26 - Interview with Trey Combs on steelhead fishing and why you should know every pebble of one run

28:48 - Kevin Feenstra on Instagram - Check out the awesome photos here

38:20 - Scientific Angler has the Freight Liner Skagit line that works great for Great Lakes

38:50 - Jim Teeny was on the show in episode 005.  Check it out here

39:50 - Spey Pages is a good resource for all things spey

40:30 - Hawkins Guide Service

42:30 - The Pere Marquette is a famous Great Lakes steelhead river

46:35 - Jeff Lisky and Jerry Darkes are two great resources for the Midwest tribs.

50:50 - Spey Fest is one of the big spey claves for Kevin's area


You can connect with Kevin Here:

[caption id="attachment_2293" align="alignnone" width="440"]kevin feenstra muskegon Kevin took this photo on the day of my interview with him[/caption]

"Foam is Home" was one of the great quotes that Kevin provided in the interview today.


I wanted to give a big thank you to Kevin for coming on the show today and taking the time to provide the tips on Muskegon River Fly Fishing and the Great Lakes in general.

I wasn't able to list it all in the show notes so let me know what your favorite part of the show was.  You can leave a comment below and connect with me directly.

If you'd like to get the Steelhead Tips PDF Quick Guide which includes a pdf summary of all of the tips to date just click the link below or go to