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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jun 30, 2020

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I sat down with Elke and Alysia Littleleaf from Little Leaf Guides.   We covered some tips on fishing the Deschutes salmon fly hatch and what it’s like being the only native...

Jun 23, 2020

Pete Tyjas, the editor of Fly Culture Magazine, is on the share a perspective on fishing UK chalk streams and dry flies.  We find out how Pete is fishing for Atlantic Salmon now that he has put in some time for steelhead.

We also hear about how he put together Fly Culture Magazine and why...

Jun 16, 2020

Show Notes:

Jason Osborn is on the podcast to share the story of how he came to own the Portland Fly Shop and some tips on why they have been successful.  Find out about the Kalama River and how Jason was able to catch fish year around on this river. 

Show Notes with Jason Osborn


Jun 9, 2020

Show Notes:

I had the pleasure of interviewing AK Best to talk about tying dry flies and his life in fly fishing.  We also hear some of the other influential parts of his life including how he survived his music night life.

AK talks about absolute attention in music and in fly tying.  Find...

Jun 2, 2020

Show Notes:

I sat down with Domenick Swentosky to talk about traditional streamers and how he fishes his home waters out of Pennsylvania.  We get into the mono rig and how he crosses over between nymphing and streamers.

Domenick shares the exact formula he uses when fishing a mono rig and why...