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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Sep 30, 2021

Show Notes:

Sponsor: Togens Fly Shop:

Kenneth Andres from AFFTA is here to share the biggest fly fishing trade association event that brings together business to business brands in the fly fishing industry.  We find out how Ken has been gearing up for AFFTA and...

Sep 28, 2021

Show Notes:

Sponsor: Togen's Fly Shop:

John Mauser from Mauser Fly Fishing is on the podcast to break down fly fishing for redfish and his story of building a fly rod company out of Swansboro North Carolina.  John has a really passionate story to share and one...

Sep 23, 2021

Show Notes:

Sponsor: Stonefly Nets:

Scott Wilday from LidRig shares his perspective on some of the must have fly fishing accessories you need for your next trip to the water.  LidRig is one of the best nippers on the market and has an interesting feature that...

Sep 21, 2021

Show Notes:


Javier Guevara walks us through the steps to fly fishing Ecuador on the podcast.  We find out about the very doable Ecuador trip and a little on the Galapagos.



[6:15] The best time to fish for Arapaima in the Galápagos

Sep 16, 2021

Show Notes:


James McBeath from Jackson Kayak is here to share the story of Jackson and how to choose a kayak for fly fishing and your next big adventure.  Jackson has been a leader in the kayak space for many years and has a number of custom models...