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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Apr 29, 2024

Show Notes:

Presented By: Yellowstone Teton Territory, FishHound Expeditions, Jackson Hole Fly CompanyTogiak River Lodge

What do you do when your favorite spot is packed with other anglers or when you're navigating crowded rivers all day? Today we uncover expert tips on fly fishing pressured waters and gain exclusive insights from Nick Conklin of Temple Fork Outfitters.

Learn about choosing the perfect rod for your next adventure, why local shows are game-changers, and the secrets behind TFO's big game rods.

If you're a TFO enthusiast like me, you won't want to miss this update on one of the leading rod companies in the industry!

Show Notes with Nick Conklin on Fly Fishing Pressured Waters. 

2:29 - Growing up in Michigan, Nick Conklin had the privilege of fishing in a 70-acre private lake and exploring the nearby Pere Marquette River.

Nick's interest in fly fishing sparked when he was eight after reading an Ernest Hemingway story, leading him to learn fly casting, tying flies, and exploring various fishing opportunities.

While Nick's childhood fishing grounds were in Michigan, he's now based in Dallas, Texas, where he continues to explore fishing on the Texas coast.

Nick's Journey to TFO

4:31 - Initially involved in outdoor journalism, Nick's passion for fishing and writing led him to TFO. He started with part-time work and eventually moved into various roles, from warranty services to product category management.

6:54 - Nick oversees product design, development, sales, and marketing for the fly fishing division. He collaborates with industry experts, manages trade shows, and engages with dealers and consumers to promote TFO products.

Temple Fork Outiftters

7:55 - TFO offers a diverse range of fishing rods, from small trout and panfish rods to heavy-duty boat rods for saltwater fishing. They cover both conventional and fly fishing categories.

9:36 - Nick tells us about their collaboration with Jason Randall on rod projects, including the Drift series.

Recommendations for New Fly Fishers

Nick suggests starting with a combo kit like the NXT Black Label Kit. Here's a summary of his recommendations and insights:

Combo kits provide everything a beginner needs, including the rod, reel, backing, fly line, and leader, making it easier to get started without worrying about individual components.
New anglers should consider their budget and what type of fishing they plan to do the most. This helps in choosing the right rod weight and length for their needs.
Combo kits often come with a practice fly line, allowing beginners to practice casting without worrying about damaging an expensive fly line.

Casting Tips

18:00 - Nick emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance from qualified educators or casting instructors who can help beginners navigate the casting process effectively.

Local fly shops, fly fishing clubs, and online resources like Google searches can be invaluable in finding resources and communities to support learning.

While it may require an investment, hiring a guide can significantly accelerate the learning curve and provide valuable insights into fishing techniques, specific waters, and asking pertinent questions.

Fly Fishing Pressured Waters

21:00 - Nick's upcoming book, Fly Fishing Pressured Western Rivers, is scheduled for release by the end of 2024. The book aims to address the challenges of fishing on heavily pressured rivers, particularly in Western regions.

Navigating crowded rivers and finding success can be challenging but rewarding. Here are some valuable tips from Nick:

Preparation: Focus on organizing gear, practicing casting skills, and refining your approach before hitting the water to maximize fishing time.
Observation: Spend time observing other anglers' techniques and approaches to learn from their successes and challenges.
Flexibility: Stay open to adjusting your fishing strategies based on seasonal conditions, time of day, and weather to increase your chances of success.
Journaling: Keep detailed notes about your fishing experiences, including what worked, what didn't, and any observations about conditions or tactics. Reviewing these notes before future trips can provide valuable insights and improve fishing performance.

TFO Rod Lineup Overview

TFO offers a diverse lineup of rods catering to various fishing styles and species, ensuring there's something for everyone from beginners to seasoned anglers.

They provide high-quality rods at reasonable price points. They offer combo kits that include rod and reel combinations, making it convenient and cost-effective for beginners to get started with everything they need.

Choosing the Right Fly Rod for Beginners

Here are some key tips and advice for beginners looking to choose the right fly rod:

Try Different Rods: Try out a few different rods to find one that fits your casting style and preferences.
Focus on Personal Preference: Ignore brand names and logos initially. Instead, focus on how comfortable and enjoyable the rod feels to cast.
Evaluate Budget and Usage: Determine your budget and how often you'll be fishing.
Start with a Versatile Option: A nine-foot five-weight rod is a good starting point for most freshwater fishing situations
Consider Weight Differences: When expanding your rod collection, consider a two or three-weight difference from your initial rod.

Show Notes: