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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

May 31, 2024

Show Notes:

Presented By: Guide Book

If you had the choice to fish Iceland or the central coast of California, which would you choose? And what if you had to choose between Atlantic salmon and fishing for carp on the fly? Our guest is a guide in both of these areas. And today you're gonna get a front seat to find out why you should choose carp and the tips you need to understand carp behavior so you can catch more fish next time you're on the water.

Dagur, The California Carp Hunter, is here to take a deep dive into catching carp on the fly with a focus on fishing lakes in the Central Coast of California. You're gonna find out what dimples on the ground mean and how this will help you find more fish. You're going to know how to catch fish around the carp, spawn something that many people get wrong, and you'll also hear about this amazing algae hatch and how you can match the algae hatch. Plus, you're gonna find out which moon is perfect for carp fishing and the story of day's altercation with the Clint Eastwood family and how he ultimately made amends for our carp, the freshwater equivalent of bonefish.