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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Aug 4, 2020

Show Notes:

Morten Valeur, the founder of Ahrex Hooks, is on to shed some light on how and why he started a new hook company and how they have emerged as one of the leaders in the world.

Ahrex Hooks with Morten Valeur

Find about the new hooks they have coming up this year and how you can replace some of your current hook line up.  We hear about all of the big streamer mentors in Europe and the US on the podcast this week.

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Show Notes with the Morten

01:50 - Martin Joergensen was on the podcast in episode 99 here from the Global Fly Fisher.

05:50 - Matt Callies from Loon was on the podcast in episode 147 and talked about loving the fly fishing industry and family.

07:05 - Partridge, Tiemco and many others are making great hooks.  Ahrex is known for their large musky hooks.

10:15 -  Andreas Andersson is a big Pike guy and helped Morten with some Ahrex hook design.

21:30 - Steve from Regal has been helping to develop the bomber hook for dry fly fishing.

26:00 - The trout predator hook is one of their top and 6/0 Big hook for musky.

28:30 - I met Morten in person at IFTD in 2019. 

29:30 - Kelly Galloup was on the podcast here and Gunnar Brammer was on here.

34:10 - Niklaus Bauer is a big pike fisher in Europe.

35:55 - The Outcast Prowler is the goto watercraft.

39:40 - Morten noted Bob Popovich’s flies and the beast fly style.

47:05 - Morten loves the Radion 908 Scott rod and the Scott Sector for salt.  

48:30 - Here is the affiliate link we have set up with the Gorge Fly Shop.

50:00 - The Scientific Anglers 7x7 knotable bite wire

59:00 - Pat Cohen and Rich Strolis were on the podcast here.  You can find links to both of their new books in the show notes at those links.


You can find Morten at

10 Pike fly fishing tips
December to the end of march is best fishing
Pike is a great starter species to start fly fishing for
float tube with 6-8 weight rods is recommneded
Need to fish slowly with light weight flies and intermediate fly line
in winter make sure to pause a lot on your strips
Make sure your tails on flies are not too long (avoid missing fish)
Use good bite wire
Black is number 1 and white is number 2 colors
Make your flies super lightweight - most important thing
You don’t need barbs

Resources Noted in the Show

Here’s their popular trout predator hook

Radion 908 Scott Fly Rod


Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

Video of Morten tying flies

Bob Popovich beast fly video

Conclusion with Morten Valeur

Morten Valeur who founded Ahrex Hooks talks about what they have going and how they have been very popular among predator hooks.   We also find out how Morten fishes for Pike in Denmark and how to apply that information here.

Show Notes: