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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jul 22, 2024

Show Notes:

Today we're heading back north to Alaska to find out what the road system has to offer. Not only are we going to talk about where you can find 20 and 30-inch rainbows, but we're going to get Mike's take on why Chinook have taken such a downturn and why this is connected to 30...

Jul 19, 2024

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In this podcast, Dave talks about In this episode, AJ Gottschalk of Project Healing Waters talks about how their organization helps veterans through fly fishing. But did you know it also benefits volunteers just as...

Jul 17, 2024

Show Notes:

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Today, we're diving into the world of next-generation angling boats with Rich Batcheller from Abstract Watercraft.

Rich is the brain behind the revolutionary carbon fiber raft. Find out how their design can help eliminate line tangles and redefine...

Jul 15, 2024

Show Notes:

We have a very informative show coming your way, as I'm speaking with April Vokey from Anchored Outdoors, as well as Spey-O-Rama, world champion spey caster, Tim Arsenault. I've been friends with these two for many years and it's been exciting to watch them thrive as respected...

Jul 12, 2024

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Today, Derek Hutton from Hutton Fly joins us to talk about East Coast Fly Fishing. If you've ever dreamt of catching that elusive bass,...