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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Nov 14, 2019

Show Notes:

I had a good chat with Gary Weber who is the author of the Fly Fishers Guide to Oregon from Wilderness Adventures Press.  This is a guide that will give you the basics on where to go, where to stay and some bonus tips for each location.

Find out why Gary hates instagram and how the digital revolution changed his life.  We also here about my first river fight and the changing landscape and river etiquette.  We here some crazy fishing stories, fly stories and the life from a photographers point of view.

Hosted Fly Fishing Trips with Dave:

Show Notes with Gary Weber

Gary Weber's second book is on high mountain lakes.

John Shewey was on the podcast here and Mark Bachman was on the podcast here.  Two people that influenced Gary on his journey.

We noted Fishing in Oregon book which is a great resource for Oregon.  Gary's book, The Fly Fishers Guide to Oregon, is more focused on fly fishing and has more detail for each spot.

The Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine with John Shewey and Chuck Johnson with Wilderness Adventures Press are Gary's two big publishers right now.

The blog post of my dad getting into a fist fight on the Deschutes River.  Here's a link to that blog post that tells the story.

We talk about the Donner and Blitzen River and why the grasshopper is a killer pattern.  Just stay clear until August.

Gary gives us a great tip on using krystal flash under the wing.  The blitzen hopper is his goto patter.  He also loves a zug bug.

We talked about Euro Nymphing and Tenkara, both topics we've covered in the podcast in past episodes.

News Photography Exposed is Gary's website.  We talk about this amazing plane crash photo pic.

The 350,000 Nissan Frontier is Gary's goto vehicle.

The space shuttle explosion was a story that Gary covered back in the mid 1980's.

Gary also covered the world series when the earthquake hit.

I noted the Wilderness Float Tubes interview where we discussed ultra-light fishing.

Martin Joergensen is the Global Fly Fisher and noted that you should not wait for that next big trip.

You can find Gary at News Photography Exposed.

"A phone is not a camera.  I'll go to my grave believing that a phone is not a camera."
-Gary Weber

Fly Fishers Guide to Oregon Conclusion

Gary Weber shares is fly fishing guide book and his life as a photographer.  This one goes all over the place including the jail blazers, why Gary does not fly and his favorite river.  We don't hold out on this one so I hope you enjoy.

Show Notes: