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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jul 25, 2019

Show Notes:

Mont Adams tells the Adamsbuilt story and how he has stayed in business for over 30 years selling waders, boots and other quality fly fishing gear.  Hear some of the stories and challenges in competing with other companies in the space.

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Show Notes with Adamsbuilt Fishing

Hendrix Outdoors was the company that Mont worked for initially and then transitioned into his own company.

Wagon Jobbers was a new word for me.  This is where they would deliver products to your doorstep and not via Amazon.

John Gierach was on the podcast and noted why he became a trout bum which was similar to why Mont got into the business.

Jay Fair was a mentor for Mont.  I was able to track down a random Jay Fair video on trolling flies. 

Dennis with Wild Fish Wild Places is the guy who does the marketing for Adamsbuilt.

The Truckee Wader and the lightweight Walker River Wader are two goto wader products for Mont and Adamsbuilt.

You can reach Mont at Adamsbuilt Fishing.

Conclusion with Adamsbuilt

I had a chance to sit down with Mont Williams from Adamsbuilt fishing.  Mont tells us how he has made a business for over 30 years producing fishing gear.  We hear some of the challenges and inside info on what it takes to put it together.

Show Notes: