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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jun 27, 2019

Show Notes:

I had a nice chat with Matt Draft from Proof Fly Fishing to cover rod building.  Matt is all in on his company where he teaches, provides all of the pieces to the puzzle and has some great tutorials out there.

We walk through the steps to build a new rod or retrofit an old rod.  There are a number of resources and video tutorials that are at Proof Fly Fishing.  We talk about what it will take to get into a Euro Nymphing rod as the example in this episode.

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The Wet Fly Swing Members Society:

Show Notes with Matt Draft

RodBuildingForum .com was Matt's first big resource to get started with rod building.

Here's a link to one of Matt's kits for a euro nymphing rod.

Submit this form from the Guides and hardwear section which will clarify what you need to refinish an old rod.

Here are some examples of cork handle styles.

I note the history of fiberglass rods in the 1970's and the fat fiberglass style that were.

The tutorials to walk you step by step through.

Here's a video that shows how to find the spline of the fly rod before you get started.

I noted the Members Society and Dan's question who is in the group.

Here's how to start to wrap a guide which is one of the most common questions that Matt gets.

Here's a link to the pen and ink to label your rod with a cool name.  What is the name of your rod? 

Mud Hole is one of the bigger sites selling rod building gear.

4Dan Johnston from St. Croix was on the podcast where he talked about having complete control of the entire process.

Tom Rosenbauer was on the podcast as well and noted the rod process.

You can get a euro nymphing rod package here.

You can reach Matt at Proof Fly

Conclusion with Proof Fly Fishing

Matt Draft breaks down the steps to build your first rod or rebuild your old rod that may need an uplift.  We talk about the benefits of learning how to build and where to get all of the tools to get started.

Show Notes: