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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

May 16, 2019

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Rent this Rod is on the podcast this week as part of our Fly Fishing Founders Series where we hear the amazing stories behind the companies in fly fishing today. 

Listen to their struggles and the journey to make a life out of fly fishing. We talk about Thomas & Thomas, Abel, Hatch, the Davidson River and behind the scenes action with the new company.


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Show Notes with Rent this Rod

The Davidson River is their home river and a spot that has all of the species covered.

Thomas and Thomas were one of the first companies to support them.  This is a good story about how it all happened.

Yellow Dog is now on board to support Rent this Rod.  This is a no brainer to me as they ship and fish all over the world.

Hatch is on board for their salt water stuff along with Ross Reals who cover their freshwater.

Brian caught his first fish on the Orvis Clearwater.

Go Daddy is the company who hosts their site.

The olive woolly bugger is their goto fly pattern for the Davidson River. 

The Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Guide is Brian's most recommended resource.

Gink and Gasoline put together a write up here about the company.

The Drake Magazine is a favorite for both Brian and Dave.

The Kodak and Blockbuster example where they were the first but not the company that persisted.  Here's how Kodak failed and how Blockbuster failed. 

We talk about the Beastie Boys.  Here's a classic old school Beastie from likely when I was in middle school.  It's still pretty good right.

Here is KISS Party All night long.  A pretty sweet version.

You can find them at


Resources Noted in the Show

Western North Carolina Fly Guide


Videos Notes in the Show

A classic Beastie Boys Track - No Sleep till Brooklyn

Here you go - KISS - I Wanna Rock and Roll 

I had to add a little more recent slot - So What Cha Want


Conclusion with Rent this Rod

Again, pretty good right.  The Fly Fishing Founders series is starting off strong.  My goal is to continue connecting with new companies to help them and to help you along your journey.

We went into the background and the foreground, the Beastie Boys, Yellow Dog, The Drake and all of the others.  Did we miss anything?

Show Notes: