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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jul 28, 2023

Show Notes:

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In today's episode, the Dude Jeff Liskay chats with one of the best shallow-water fly anglers, Dave Hurley. They connected because of their love for the freshwater Drum. They think it's a cool fish with its chicken feathers but interestingly enough, some people call it "trash fish". Now Dave joins our show today to talk about why these fish are great to target.

Dave is a skinny water specialist that runs skinny water safari guide service. Dave roams the backwater of the Great Lakes based on the Lower Peninsula, Michigan where he pulls his way through the miles of skinny water flats, sight-fishing for a wide variety of warm water species out of his towee boat.

Show Notes with Dave Hurley on Skinny Water Fishing

04:00 - Dave joined a community of fly fishermen who fished in the surf along the Pacific where they fished for Corbina, Surfperch, and Croaker species. Dave got really into fishing for Spotfin Croaker.

06:00 - Dave found out that a stonefly nymph pattern works great for Spotfin Croakers.

09:00 - Dave talks about getting his first boat.

17:50 - He talks about the time when he and his best friend fished sight fished for musky on the flats.

18:40 - His go-to is a 6-wt rod and occasional 7-wt.

19:30 - Dave now focuses on carp fishing and goes up to 10-wt. For leader, he goes up to 15-pound test, and sometimes 12 or 10-pound.

27:25 - Dave doesn't really pay attention to water temperatures. He and his team are mostly sight fishing.

35:55 - We talk about casting. "Your short game is just as important as your long game", Dave says.

39:25 - Dave's favorite line is the SA Bass Bug Fly Line.

42:25 - Dave talks about how he improvises when he ties his flies, tying them differently each time. He also talks about the common materials he uses.

47:40 - Jeff's go-to flies always have rubber.

49:00 - Dave talks about how being an artist affects his creativity in fishing.

51:00 - Dave talks about how he practices handling fish in a way that doesn't hurt the fish. And also talks about how he tries in his own little ways to protect the waters he fishes.

Show Notes: