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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Feb 16, 2021

Show Notes:

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Mike Lawson from Henrys Fork Anglers is on the podcast to break down the Green Drake hatch and fishing mayflies on the Henrys Fork.  Mike sheds some light on different bugs and some entomology to help you on the water.

We find out about where and how you can fish rainbow trout and brown trout as Mike shares some tips on fishing dry flies on the upper and lower sections of the Henrys Fork River.

Henrys Fork Show Notes with Mike Lawson

- Mike noted Joe Brooks, Dave Whitlock and other great old-timers who visited the Henrys Fork in the early days.  Joe's nephew and Dave Whitlock were both on our podcasts in past episodes.

- We talked about the book Caddisflies and Gary Lofontaine who was one of Mike's closest friends in the fly fishing world.

- The river rap series was Gary Lofontaine's early idea of the fly fishing podcast.  

- Spring Creeks was one of Mike's big books along with Fly Fishing the Henrys Fork.

- Mike noted the Pale Morning Dun and we talked about the PMD with Joe Rotter here.

- I noted the salmon fly hatch which we covered here with Jon Smeraglio.

- The para drake is a good pattern

- Kelly Galloup was on the podcast here and noted the ant as a key dry fly to have in your box.

- Enrique policy uses the EP fibers which also work great.

- Mike talks about fishing the dry midge in his book spring creeks.

- Fly Fishing the Henrys Fork is the goto book.

You can find Mike at

Green Drake Conclusion with Mike Lawson

Mike Lawson from Henrys Fork Anglers is here to share some big tips on fishing dry flies on the Henrys Fork.  We talk about why the green Drake is such a huge hatch and then walk through PMD's and other big hatches.

Show Notes:

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