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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Apr 19, 2024

Show Notes:

Join us in this episode of In the Bucket where Dano Pendygrasse and Darcy Bacha, renowned snowboarding photographers, dive into the vibrant world of fly fishing through their lenses. Discover how their decades of experience in snowboarding have shaped their approach to capturing the serene beauty of fly fishing. Dano and Darcy discuss the transition from the adrenaline of snowboarding shoots to the tranquil riversides, reflecting on the artistry and patience required in both disciplines. They share personal stories and professional insights on making passions into careers, the challenges of photography in extreme conditions, and the unexpected joys of exploring new waters. Whether you're a fan of their snowboarding work or looking to improve your fishing photography skills, this episode offers a unique perspective on embracing change and finding new passions.

Episode Chapters

(0:00:05) – Introduction to Guests - Introduction of Dano Pendygrasse and Darcy Bacha, discussing their backgrounds as iconic snowboarding photographers who have transitioned into the realm of fly fishing photography.

(0:05:22) – The Link Between Snowboarding and Fly Fishing - Exploring how skills and experiences from snowboarding photography have influenced their approach to capturing the essence of fly fishing.

(0:14:39) – The Shift from Snowboarding to Fishing - Darcy and Dano discuss their personal reasons for shifting their focus from the dynamic world of snowboarding to the more serene and reflective activity of fly fishing.

(0:22:10) – Photographic Techniques in Extreme Conditions - Techniques and challenges faced while photographing in various environmental conditions, from icy mountains to humid riverbanks.

(0:30:45) – Balancing Passion and Work - A discussion on the importance of maintaining passion in your work and the balance between professional photography and personal fishing time.

(0:41:33) – The Evolution of Photography Gear - Insight into the evolution of photography equipment over the years and how advances have affected their work in both snowboarding and fishing photography.

(0:51:17) – Stories from the Field - Engaging stories from their careers that highlight unexpected moments and the personal growth they experienced through their professional journeys.

(1:03:50) – Future of Photography with AI and Technology - A conversation about the potential impacts of AI on professional photography and their views on the future of capturing images in natural environments.

(1:15:28) – Advice for Aspiring Photographers - Practical advice for up-and-coming photographers on how to succeed in the competitive field of sports and outdoor photography.

(1:27:45) – Closing Thoughts - Final thoughts and reflections on the importance of following your passions, whether in the wilds of nature or through the lens of a camera.

Show Notes: