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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jan 25, 2024

In this solo episode I walk you through some guide tips I learned on recent trips fishing for steelhead around the country.  

How to Avoid Cold Feet on Your Next Fishing Trip

Invest in Bootfoot Waders: These waders, with boots attached, provide better insulation than traditional neoprene boots, helping to keep your feet warmer in cold water.

Oversized Boots and Bama Boot Layering: Consider wearing oversized boots and adding a Bama boot layer underneath for additional insulation. This extra layer can make a significant difference in keeping your feet warm.

Effective Layering with Socks: Use a combination of merino wool socks and a thin poly liner underneath. This dual-layer approach is effective in maintaining warmth and comfort in cold conditions.

Battery-Powered Heat Warmers: For extended comfort, battery-powered heat warmers in socks can provide consistent warmth and help cut off the chill, allowing for longer fishing sessions.

Hot Thermos of Water for Emergency Warming: Carrying a hot thermos of water to pour on the boots can provide quick relief and "recharge" cold feet, giving you a chance to continue fishing comfortably.

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