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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Dec 29, 2020

Show Notes:

Davy Wotton is here to break out a step x step guide to getting started fly fishing wet flies.  We break down each step today in a systematic fashion so you know exactly how to fish wet flies like a pro.

Davy shares the perfect rod, line, and leader as well as his top 20 wet flies of all time.  Davy notes that the dry line is the goto line but that you should have an intermediate line as part of your gear.

Part 1 - Davy Wotton was first on the podcast in Episode 35 and covered wet fly fishing here.

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Show Notes - Fishing Wet Flies with Davy Wotton

- Check out the ultimate wet fly fishing blog post that includes many of the steps that aren't written down in this blog post.

- Davy notes some of the wet fly fishing facebook groups now.

- Clear amnesia is what davy uses for building his leader

- Wet Fly Ways is the great DVD that covers all of Davy’s best tips on wet fly fishing.

- Here is the davy cotton episode 1 and also the dave Whitlock episode here.

- I noted the drift boat series that we have going.

You can find Davy at

Videos on Fishing Wet Flies Noted in the Show

Wet Flies Ways DVD at fly fish tv on youtube

how to tie the davy knot

Davy Wotton is here to produce another amazing podcast episode on fishing wet flies with a focus on caddis hatches.  We find out how emerges hatch and how you can match this hatch under the surface.

Find out why a soft tip rod is key, why you need an intermediate line and the exact formula to create your leader and cast of flies.  This is the ultimate wet fly fishing step x step podcast.  We find out how to know how deep to go with your bug.

Show Notes: