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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Sep 20, 2023

Show Notes:

Presented By: Yellowstone Teton Territory


Join us on this fascinating journey as we unravel the story of Henry's Lake and the important work of the Henry's Lake Foundation. Our guest, Damon Keen, is a veteran Fisheries Biologist who has dedicated his career to the protection and restoration of Henry's Lake. He shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, explaining the crucial role of the lake as the headwaters of the Henry's Fork, the significance of monitoring water temperature and levels, and the delicate balance of managing fish populations. We discuss the history and the unique features that make Henry's Lake such a popular destination for anglers, and the cooperative relationship between the foundation and the landowners around the lake.

As the conversation progresses, we explore the multitude of conservation projects that the Henry's Lake Foundation is involved in. Our guest details the critical work of the foundation, from their focus on research and restoration projects to the stocking of brook trout and monitoring of water flows. We also delve into the funding methods of the foundation, which range from donations to lifetime memberships and the Temple Fork Rod incentive. This episode offers an insider's look into how the tireless work of the foundation ensures that the lake can be enjoyed by all anglers, from fly to ice fishing enthusiasts.

To round out the episode, we discuss fishing techniques, recommendations, and the array of fish that can be found in Henry's Lake. We also touch on other conservation groups around the lake and highlight the best resources for fishing in the area. Wrapping up the episode, we discuss the recent changes in ownership of key properties around the lake, and the ongoing shoreline restoration projects. So, whether you're a seasoned angler or a conservation enthusiast, this episode is sure to engage and inspire you. Tune in and discover the magic of Henry's Lake and the incredible work being done to preserve it.

Episode Chapters with Damon Keen on Henry's Lake Foundation

(0:00:05) - Conservation Efforts at Henry's Lake
Works to protect Henry's Lake, the largest in the Henry's Fork basin, monitoring water temperature, water levels, and fish populations.

(0:13:23) - Fishing Lakes and Their History
Henry's Lake, its history, the dam, and the Henry's Lake Foundation are discussed.

(0:16:44) - Henry's Lake
Henry's Lake Foundation works with landowners to improve fisheries, manage water trades and rights, and meet current water demands.

(0:22:59) - Henry's Lake Foundation
The Henry's Lake Foundation works to restore the lake and its fisheries, funded by donations and memberships, enabling anglers to enjoy it.

(0:34:35) - Fishing Recommendations for Henry's Lake
We discuss conservation groups, resources, fish, and techniques for fishing in Henry's Lake.

(0:42:11) - Henry's Lake Fishing and Conservation Updates
Fly fishing at Henry's Lake, Nature Conservancy's acquisitions, shoreline restoration projects, and Atlantic salmon fishing discussed.

(0:54:14) - Funding for Conservation and Restaurant Recommendations
We discuss improving Henry's Lake fisheries, changes in ownership of properties, and efforts to protect the lake.

Show Notes: