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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Sep 27, 2023

Show Notes: 

Presented by: Yellowstone Teton Territory


Corby Egan, owner of The Pines at Island Park, walks us through the rich history, cozy cabins, and breathtaking surroundings of their lodge. Our chat with him will give a glimpse of what our upcoming Stillwater School will look like.

Discover the fascinating history behind the lodge, the charming accommodations close to nature, and the must-see attractions that make this area of Idaho truly special. So, get ready to be inspired, captivated, and enticed by the beauty of The Pines lodge.

The Pines at Island Park Show Notes with Corby Egan

1:37 - Corby shares the history of The Pines at Island Park. The lodge used to be called Phillips Lodge which was named after its previous owner, Harry Phillips. Corby and his family bought the lodge in 1997. Read more about their history here.

10:40 - He talks about the demographics of the tourists who visit their lodge, and also the funny experience of one of their guests who encountered a wild animal during her stay.

14:33 - He describes the Island Park Reservoir.

15:58 - I ask about the Elk Creek Ranch.

19:10 - Corby describes what our Stillwater trip in July 2024 will look like.

25:00 - He shares that time when Gordon Ramsay stayed in their lodge.

26:36 - He talks about the wildlife in their area.

28:02 - He tells us about their cabins.

37:16 - He talks about Henry's Fork and the other popular establishments in their area.

41:22 - He roughly describes what the itinerary would look like if you visit them during the weekends. They have a restaurant that is also open to the public.

45:00 - He recommends going to the Big Springs which he says is the most beautiful iconic spring in North America. That is also where the Johnny Sack cabin is. He also mentions other must-see places in their area such as the Harriman State Park and Grand Teton National Park.

51:18 - For animal seeing, he recommends visiting Yellowstone Park in the spring and fall.

55:12 - The closest place that you could ski in is Grand Targhee. He also mentions some other popular ski resorts.

57:02 - He encourages the listeners to see the lodge for themselves.
Show Notes: