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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

May 24, 2023

Show Notes: 

Presented by: Yellowstone Teton


In this episode, Darren Huntsman will be sharing his expertise on some of the best top lakes in Idaho and beyond. Not only that, but he'll also be giving some game-changing tips for stillwater fishing that you won't want to miss.

So if you're planning a trip to Idaho or just looking to up your fishing game, be sure to tune in and join us for this informative and fun-filled episode.

Lakes in Idaho Show Notes with Darren Huntsman

2:47 - Darren tells us how he got into fly fishing. He grew up just outside of Shelley, Idaho.

3:48 - He shares how STLWTR Fishing Co. came about.

4:43 - I ask him about the stillwater opportunities in eastern Idaho.

5:16 - He mentions some lakes in Idaho that are good fisheries.

7:53 - He gives recommendations on planning a trip to Idaho.

9:03 - We talk about Hebgen Lake.

11:15 - His favorite thing about stillwater is that the fish are bigger.

12:01 - We dig into his stillwater fly fishing technique.

12:53 - One of the focuses of STLWTR Fishing Co. is to get more kids fishing.

13:22 - We talk about boats. He has an old 16ft Klamath which is his favorite boat to fish out of.

14:44 - Aside from Hebgen Lake, one of the easiest to get up to is Chesterfield Reservoir.

17:56 - He shares his setup and techniques in fishing the Chesterfield Reservoir.

22:30 - We talk about the recently held Southeast Idaho Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo.

24:38 - He tells what is it that makes Southeast Idaho unique.

25:36 - He talks about fishing in Alaska. He ran fishing trips from 1991 to 2015.

30:22 - We dig into his plans for STLWTR Fishing Co.

31:46 - We talk about why stillwater fishing has not gotten traction as much as the others like river fishing.

32:55 - I mention our Littoral Zone episode with Phil about approaching new lakes.

34:15 - He shares more about his experience during the Southeast Idaho Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo.

36:55 - He gives us a list of his top flies.

39:06 - I ask him about private lakes in their area and Sheridan Creek. He also mentions the Eagle Ridge Ranch.

41:22 - He tells more about the times of the year they fish in some of the lakes in Idaho.

41:53 - He highly recommends fishing in Henry's Lake.

42:47 - He mentions the species you can find in Hebgen and Henry's lakes. He also recommends other lakes and lodges in Idaho if anyone is planning to visit.

45:20 - Darren is a stonemason by trade. He did all the stonework for Angler's Lodge.

45:38 - We talk about Johnny Sack's Cabin.

46:39 - Their area is just a shooting distance almost from Yellowstone Park.

47:05 - He tells about the changes he has seen in Idaho through the years, particularly in the fly fishing scene.

50:06 - His go-to local fly shop is Jimmy's All Seasons Angler. He gives examples of the fishing stuff he usually gets from Jimmy's.

52:00 - He gives a list of stillwater fishing must-haves.

53:25 - He highly recommends Bill Schiess' book entitled "Fishing Henry's Lake". He also gives fishing tips that he got from the book and from Phil Rowley.

58:23 - I ask him about the type of music and the bands he loves listening to.

59:24 - I talk a bit about our next episode with Phil Rowley. He also shares a story of their experience in the Pyramid Lake.

1:03:52 - He shares his favorite place to dine in Idaho.

1:04:39 - He mentions some famous people in Idaho. He also mentions our episode with Bob Jacklyn.

1:05:57 - He tells a story about Craig Mathews. We had him in the podcast in episode 427.

1:07:13 - He used to camp with his family. His parents had a 16-foot Aristocrat lo-liner.

1:08:40 - We tackle a bit of the history of the fishery in Idaho.

Show Notes: