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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Aug 25, 2020

Show Notes:

Ryan Taylor shares his story on tying and fishing steelhead and Atlantic salmon flies and how he mixes it up for steelhead with a focus on the Grand River.  We dig into some tips on finding and hooking steelhead and how to tie a fly in hand.

We talk about who is the greatest spey caster in the world, how to become a great fly tier and the instagram fly tying influencer.  


Show Notes with the Ryan Taylor

- Peter Charles was on the podcast in episode 15 here and talked about fishing the Grand River.

- Price Tyrant an George Kelson are the two Tyers that Ryan follows and guides his background with wing technique.

- I noted the NW atlantic salmon fly guild has been noted many times on the podcast. 

- Joseph Rosano was on in episode 136 here and talked about some of the history of spey flies.

- is a great online resources.

- John Shewey was on in episode 16 here and talked about the history of steelhead fly tying.

- We talked about Douglas Outdoors here.

- The Ahrex HR is the great hair wing hook and equivalent to the partridge N or the 799 TMC.

- The 570 Air Flo Rage is the goto line for the Grand. 

- Bruce Kruk was on the podcast here and talked about fishing the long belly rods and 14 to 16 foot spey lines.

- We talked about the NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo - the largest fly tying expo in the west.

- The marabou spey or hobo spey for murky waters.

- Drift Outfitters in Toronto is the closest shop in Toronto

- I noted Zack Williams who was on the podcast here.  

- Ryan uses a Peak vice currently.

- We note dupafish which was a media company Ryan was working with. 

You can find Ryan on Instagram @salmonjunkie

Steelhead tips for the Grand River

for clear use purples and blacks and greens
for dirty water use a little bulkier flies
Sparse flies work great
Start with orange colored flies
Start fishing in close to the bank

Resources Noted in the Show

Whiskey Gin on Instagram on tying in hand

Classic Fly Tying

Ahrex HR hook for steelhead

Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

Here’s a video of Ryan tying in hand

Conclusion with Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor shares his background on tying atlantic salmon flies and how he catches steelhead on the Grand River.  We talk about the difference between Spey and D Flies - something not easy todo.  Ryan talks about confidence in your flies and where he is going next with his brand.

Show Notes: