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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Nov 26, 2021

This is the November Month in Review for the Wet Fly Swing Podcast episodes.  I quickly share a summary of the 7 past episodes this month and what to expect in December for the show.  Click below to Listen!

Show Notes for the November 2021 Month in Review

WFS 266 – The Boundary Waters in Minnesota with Riverhorse Nakadate

WFS 265 – The 13 Essential Panfish Flies with Bart Lombardo from Panfish on the Fly

WFS 264 – Find Your Lost Fishing Equipment with Karmik Outdoors Robert Gillingham

WFS 263 – Top Nymph Fly Patterns with Uncle Cheech (aka – Clark Pierce) FlyFishFood

WFS 262 – McFly Anglers Favorite Fly Tying Supplies and Tips with Shawn McQuade

Conclusion for the November Month in Review

We summarize the Podcast episodes for November 2021.  We covered Euro Nymphs, Fly Tying and more as we looked back on November and looked ahead to December of 2021.