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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Apr 17, 2018

Show Notes:

I have a really cool treat for you today as I share the podcast interview with Tom Pero who is the founder of Wild River Press among other things.

Tom has published A Passion for Steelhead, one of the greatest steelhead books of all time, as well as many other big time outdoor books.  Tom provides some really amazing stories that I know you'll love in this one.

Show Notes with Tom Pero

- Dec Hogan and Marty Howard's Steelhead book

- Top Salt Water Flies by Drew Chicone

- Steelhead fly fishing and flies with Trey Combs covers a good history of the connection to Atlantic salmon flies (in the back this book).

- The Bulkley Mouse

- Pete Soverall and the foamer fly had a huge influence on present day foam flies

- Ed Ward and the creation of the intruder pattern

- Bill Mcmillan and the steelhead caddis

- Fish and Fly interview with Ed Ward

- John Shewey episode 016

- Lee Wulff

- Dave Whitlock was a mentor and one of the most creative tyers of the time

- Scott Baker McGarva link

- Fly Rod and Reel Magazine is now gone

- 50 Woman who fish book

- A passion for bonefish

Conclusion with Tom Pero

I wanted to give a big thank you to Tom for coming on the fly fishing show.  He not only told some amazing stories and helped to connect us with some of the history of steelhead, but also shared a real insight into what it takes to publish fishing and hunting books.

Click the link below to take a look at the show notes for this episode: