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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

May 8, 2018

Show Notes:

I had the pleasure of talking with Matt Klara who has been around the spey game for quite a while now.  Matt breaks down single handed spey casting and how you can and should get started on it.

We talk about Big Sky Anglers, fishing for trout with a 7 wt, Sexy Loops and how he grew up on the Madison spending his summers living out of a camper.  Don't miss this one as Matt shares his huge tip on a video that is incredible in describing how to "fish" a sinking line for steelhead.


Show Notes with Matt Klara

08:35 - Jay Nicholas was on the fly fishing show in episode 3

08:35 - We talk about Modern Steelhead Flies, Jay Nicholas and Rob Russel's great book on new steelhead flies.  Matt was highlighted in this book as a guest tyer.

16:00 - Tom Larimer provided some great tips on summer steelhead fishing in episode 11 of the fly fishing show.

17:30 - Big Sky Anglers is Matt's current project where he does social media with this big shop

21:36 - The Air Flo 6th Sense is a line that is noted in the show.  He also notes that a double taper can work great for single hand spey.

23:10 - OPST, Air Flo Skagit Skout, RIO Trout Max are all great spey lines for streamer fishing and for steelhead

28:52 - We talk about the 2.5x Rod Length rule matt uses to choose the right line for your rod.  If you have a 10 foot rod, multiply this by 2.5 to get 25'.  Now find a line that has a belly and tip that is equal to 25'

31:25 - is a magazine that Matt has written for in the past.  Here is a link to a post by Matt.

28:30 - Big Sky Anglers Blog Link

29:00 - Echo blog post that Matt put together

34:10 - Some of Matt's favorite resources are Simon Gawesworth's Single hand Spey, and Jason Borger's Single Hand Casting

34:45 - Skagit Master 2 is an incredible video for covering sink tips and how to fish them for steelhead

38:40 - The Black String Leech is no secret but is one of the best steelhead flies

43:15 - The Drake Cast with Hank (the greatest fly fisherman)

53:00 - George Hanfield and Justin Spence were noted here

54:00 - Brian Okeerfe and Lefty Kreh are two of Matt's largest influences


You can reach Matt by going to if you have any questions or feedback.  You can connect with him directly on Instagram here.


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Some of the Show Highlights

Matt talks about his transition from single hand to spey rods.  He started fishing the Madison River for trout and was the first place that he started swinging flies with a spey rod.  He first fished the grande Ronde River for steelhead and the rest is history.

Matt uses the snake roll very regular fishing for trout.  He talks about how you can easily get started spey casting with a single hand rod.  He also notes that a double taper can work great for single hand spey.


Books and Resource Recommended

Single Hand Spey by Simon Gawesworth

Single Handed Casting with Jason Borger (updated)

Skagit Master 2 was huge for Matt


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Conclusion with Matt Klara

I wanted to give a big thank you to Matt for coming on the show today.  He breaks down single hand spey very well and includes what lines work great.  He lists a bunch of reasons why you should give it a shot this week.

Please share this episode if you know someone interested in steelhead and spey casting.  If you liked the tips that Matt shares in this episode then click on the link below to get the Steelhead Tips PDF Quick Guide Click here: