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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jun 26, 2018

Show Notes:

I had Barney Wong on the show to go in depth on spey lines and the challenge of identifying the actual sinking rates.  We discussed an experiment we conducted on the river and how the outcome might surprise you.

Barney tells his story of how he dropped everything to move out to the northwest to chase steelhead and a job in a local fly shop.


Show Notes with Barney Wong

- Weight compensated spey lines

- Experiment on sinking rates of 6 weight vs 10 weight and how they are not created equal.

- The parachute jumper analogy and how this applies to issues with sinking rate and starving your line.

- The T series lines are the closest we have to accurate designations for lines.

- Tim Rawlins episode and the shop that will send you new lines to test.

- Rear end centric lines and how you are robbing peter to pay paul.

- What line Barney gives his students when getting started with the spey cast.

- Barney explains what Pimp my Canoe is all about.

- Kevin Feenstra and Pete Humphries were on the podcast and both from Michigan.

- Noel Perkins from University of Michigan also had data on spey lines

- Bruce Richards and the cast analyzer app

- The Bantom Green Butt 

- 10 inch fly that mimics Michigan smolts. 

- Dec Hogan clarifies the Intruder and why dumb bell eyes

- Cracking the code to distance casting.  Over the center is part of the secret.


You can reach out to Barney at