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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jul 3, 2018

Show Notes:

I had an amazing interview with James Millard, the operations manager for OP Skagit Tactics (aka - Pure Skagit).  We get into some great stories about steelhead fishing, products and James' life getting to work with one of the big names in steelhead.

We talk about the commando head, some new products upcomming, greased line presentation and how jet boat wakes running up the river can help with steelhead fishing.

Show Notes with James Millard:

The Skagit Master Series videos helped James get his start.

The skinny Hoh fly tying video from OPST

Son Tao is a new fly tyer online and is killing it with his skill.

Matt Klara was in episode 21 where he covered single hand spey.

The commando head is one of the go to skagit lines for single and double hand rods.

The greased line presentation vs. the wet fly swing for steelhead.

The Complete Steelheader by John Larison has some great information on steelhead distribution and tactics.

Tom Larimer was on in episode 11 and discussed fishing a fast swing and bright fly for Deschutes summer steelhead.

Scott Baker McGarva was on in episdoe 17 and noted the Tom Larimer big bright fly comment by Tom.

A run of any anadromous fish is a bell curve and changes with the fishery as noted by Jay Nicholas who I had on in episode 03.

Pete Humphries was on episode 7 and talks about how strong the Michigan steelhead are in comparison.

kagit Master 4 is one of James favorite videos for steelhead.

Dean Finnerty was on the show in episode 19 and was the guide who was also an undercover agent.

Clay Halloway is one of the Halloway Brothers Guide Service on the Willamette and got James' lady into her first steelhead.

Secret Chronicles of the North Umpqua by Pat McRay is a guy who is blind and still swings for steelhead with his wife.

The Beulah rod that blew up on James and they had a great warranty.

If you have OPST questions you can email James at or  You can also find James on Instagram @bulltrout37.

"I was Saved and ruined all at the same time"
-John Gierach

Conclusion with James Millard

That was awesome right?  So many great stories and tips from James Millard in this episode.  James is the operations manager for OPST and brings and obvious wealth of knowledge and perspective from a cool guy.

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