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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Oct 2, 2018

I interviewed Paul Puckett from the Barely Live Podcast in this episode.  We talk about how he has made a business out of fly fishing art.

Paul talks about working in a fly shop, guiding and the Flood Tide Company that he helped to create.  Walter from the Big Labowsky pretty much started the brand. 

Show Notes with Paul Puckett:

1310 the ticket is the radio show that they listen to in Dallas.

Will abbot is on the barely live show and part of flood tide.

The flood tide brand story

John Goodman and the barely live bands

Big Labowsky movie clip with fuck you Johnny

Red fish is the home species

the types of boats they use.  

tailor trash and fish porn dudes whiskey and water and drake

Paul’s art company

The legend of bagger vance and the war of art

Right brain retrieve podcast

Jason Rolfe episode 33

Grarys journal and others

The orris 50/50 plan with woman

april vokey podcast interview

590 RPL fly rod 5 weight

Eldridge hardy and other mentor


You can reach Paul at Paul Puckett Art.


paul puckett

Conclusion with Paul Puckett

That was a nice change in the episode list.  I think Paul inspired us to think about going all in on your passion as Paul has made it producing fly fishing art.  He also inspired us to get fired up about red fish as well.