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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Oct 23, 2018

Show Notes:

I had the great pleasure to chat with Gary Borger about Nymph Fishing and his contribution to fly fishing in many respects over a career of writing and video.

Gary talks about how he produced the first fly fishing instructional video, how he was part of the first FFF Casting Certification, and goes into detail on his tactics for nymph fishing and using indicators.

Show Notes with Gary Borger

The leadwing coachman was the fly Gary used to catch his first fish.

GEM Skues was the Father of Nymph Fishing.

Gary's groundbreaking book was Nymphing in 1979 and his accompanying video on Nymphing.

Gary's book, Naturals, was another contribution to fly fishing evolution.

Mel Krieger and others were part of the original Fenwick Fly Fishing School.

The FFF Fly Fishing Certification Process.

Pete Humphries was on the podcast in episode 7.

George Harvey was the man who showed Gary that he had some work todo with his cast.

Lee Wulff and his quote "Game fish are too valuable to be caught only once" had a big impact on conservation at the time.

The Steve Duda episode with the FlyFish Journal.

Here's a link to the history of the 1989 Gold medal taken by the Polish team

Frank Sawyer and grayling

Here's a video of the tuck cast.

Here's a link to Jason and the shadow cast

The SC20 fly rod that celebrated the 20 year anniversary

You can find Jason Borger here.

You can reach Gary at

Conclusion with Gary Borger

I wanted to give Gary a big thank you for coming on the show to share his wisdom.  His discussion on how he gets down to the fish nymphing is worth the listen just for that.  The history that he covers was an awesome bonus for me.  Hope you enjoy!

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