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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Nov 13, 2018

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Landon Mayer shared his knowledge about fishing streamers for large trout and many other great tips from one of the knowledgable guides and teachers in the fly fishing circuit.

He talks about why he likes medium action rods, how he uses a swivel and what to do if a fish chases your fly but doesn't take it.  Landon breaks it down like a chess match so you can break it down easily to make your next move.


Show Notes with Landon Mayer

09:05 - Mayer's Mini Leech is only an inch long but gives some great movement and helps to get those finicky fish.

14:55 - The Sonar Clear tip from Scientific Angler is one of his goto streamer lines for trout in shallow water.  This is an intermediate sinking line that sinks at 1-2 inches per second.

19:20 - Blaine Chocolate, Charlie Craven and John Barr are three big names in the streamer game.

20:10 - Chad Johnson has a big Johnson which is a goto fly pattern.  The drunken dissorderly by Tommy Lynch is another goto pattern for streamers.

The Meat Wissle and Kelly Gaulops foam on the back of the fly pattern.

22:40 - Site Fishing for Trout was written in 2009.

26:55 - The B3 + by Winston is the goto medium flex trout rod for streamers.

29:30 - Mastering the Short Game video by Headwaters Media Group.

35:40 - Kelly Gaulop has been a big name in streamers for quite a while now.

48:40 - How to catch the biggest trout of your life and 3 other books are currently published.

49:40 - The Hunt for Giant Trout and Mastering the Short Game are due out in 2019.

51:00 - Steve Duda and John Gierach were on the podcast in past episodes.

53:30 - Jay Nichols is one of Landon's biggest mentors.  Jay is a part of 50% of the fly fishing books you see on the market.



You can connect with Landon at or on instagram @landonmayerflyfishing.


Conclusion with Landon Mayer

I really enjoyed that episode as Landon Mayer shared some of his best tips on fishing streamers.  There are some great tips, resources and connections to some of the big names in the streamer game.