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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Dec 4, 2018

I sat down with Peter Stitcher from Ascent Fly Fishing to chat about analyzing the bug community to catch more fish.  Peter breaks out the PAUSE method which will be a game changer to help you get started.

He shares the hatcher organization method, how to organize your box and when he fishes mouse patterns.  Peter talks about how he takes street kids off the street and welcomes them into their home.


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Show Notes with Peter Stitcher

Rick Hafele was my entomological mentor getting started.

The Bugs and Brews meetups is where Peter shares his knowledge.

he PAUSE method

The Sci Fi Seine is less than $7 and is Peter's goto for bug sampling.

River Oracle is where the science meets the river.

The River Oracle magnifier and chart is another helpful tool for identifying the aquatic insects.

The Creating Order in Your Fly Box video can be seen here.   In this video, Peter takes a customer box and tears in apart.  Then puts it back together.

The Martian Mysis Shrimp is the glow in the dark bad boy that gets it done on tail waters in the dark.

The Martian Mouse is the goto big streamer Peter uses to displace water to get savage strikes.

Landon Mayer talked about streamers in episode 48 of the podcast here.  Landon is one the experts when it comes to streamer fishing.

I interviewed Curtis Fry in this episode where he noted that they have people that test there patterns around the country.

#FeartheBeard was a little fun movement they tested back in the day

Duane Redford, Landon and Pat Dorsey have all supported what Peter is doing at Ascent.

Kelly Gaulop is noted as a great resource on youtube.

The Fly Fishing Redeviouz is in its 7th year with an emphasis on education.

Texas Beer and Wine Festival and the Denver Fly Fishing show are two events Peter will be attending this year.

The Drake podcast will be finishing up and closing down soon.  

You can reach Peter at or on Instagram here.

Conclusion with Peter Stitcher

I took home some great tips in this one for finding bugs and selecting the correct fly to use.  Peter breaks down every step of the process in finding bugs from starting at the car into digging into your creek.

He also goes into some fishing tips using glo in the dark flies.  Lots of crazy and great stuff in this one.

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