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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Feb 12, 2019

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I talk winter steelhead with Rob Crandall from Water Time Outfitters.  Rob fishes Northwest Oregon and providing some great tips today including how to land steelhead, his 5 step process to catch steelhead, how to fish low and clear vs high water.

Rob shares 3 main tips on catching more steelhead, how to manage your swing, understanding the hover and how to mend correctly.  This one is seriously packed for winter steelhead.  Click below to listen to the show.

Show Notes with Rob Crandall

Rob notes the 12' 7 weight Sage X as his goto rod.

The Grip Shooter running line from RIO Products and the Sage Domain Reel that includes a drag number that helps when playing fish.

Rob notes the Winter Spey Strategies video from Fly Fish TV as his best resources to dig deeper.

Dean Finnerty was on the podcast in episode 19 and was also on Rob's winter steelhead video.

Gene Herring was the producer of the video and was on the show

The Guides Choice can be found on Aqua flies and is one of Rob's 5 patterns on Aqua.

Corkers boots have a big spike boot that is super effective at traction.

I noted Ed Ward in Skagit Master and how he does the loose line landing method.

I interviewed Scott McGarva in this episode.

We talk about a few flies that Rob recommends.

Mike Dooley was a big mentor for Rob and showed him a lot about being a guide.

Rick Hafele was on the show in a recent episode.


You can connect with Rob at if you have any questions about the show today.

Conclusion with Rob Crandall

Rob shared some amazing tips in this one if you are focused on catching winter steelhead.  From rod control, to fly choice to mending.  I would say we pretty much covered the big points in this one.  Leave a comment below and let me know what was helpful.

Show Notes Links: