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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Feb 26, 2019

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Denny Rickards, the stillwater guru, came on the podcast to cover lakes and the history of stillwater fishing.  Denny breaks down in simple form, where to find fish and how to present the fly properly to fish.

Denny talks about the 2 most critical things to understand when fishing lakes.  He also talks about why a floating line is not great, and why he has the secret line that works 90% of the time.  Get ready to take some notes because it's hard to stay up with Denny on this one!

Show Notes with Denny Rickards

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Phil Rowley was on in episode 34 and broke down his take on stillwaters.

The clear camo line by Cortland is one I've used in the past.

The Ghost Tip is for fishing just the pupae form of the aquatic insect life cycle.

The Seal Bugger and Stillwater Nymph are two flies that Denny usually starts his day out with.  He talks about the color and size as well.

The Lee Wulff article where he showed the insect from the bottom.  Denny noted that fish are keyed on the stage not on the exact bug.

Rich Henry was one of Denny's biggest mentors.

Denny recommends the Super Cat pontoon boats.

The Seal Bugger and Stillwater Nymphs are the key flies.

Stillwater Presentation and Fly Fishing Stillwaters for Trophy Trout are the best books that Denny has published.

Willy Davis, Jim Lefebvre, Wes Parker were some pro ball players that Denny played with back in the day.

You can find Denny at

Conclusion with Denny Rickards

Denny's super power is his ability to simplify the process of catching fish in Stillwater's. He talks about why fishing 3 feet or less is best, and how to present the fly properly.