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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Mar 12, 2019

Show Notes:

I sat down with Kate Watson to discuss her guiding business on the Fraser and Bulkley Rivers.  We get into Tarponville and dig into her steelhead patterns and style of fly tying.

We pretty much cover it all along with a chat about Jerry French, relationships, Elvis and the Lady Caroline.  This is a cool story about growing up in a lodge and keeping the flow going.

Show Notes with Kate Watson

(Updated time and links:

Northern Outback Adventures was and is the lodge that Kate works out of.  They have a diverse number of species that she chases.

Tarponville is the next big hosted trip for Kate.

@ryanenns on Instagram asked about spey fly style.  Kate describes the fly design that she uses and why she goes small most of the time.  She talks about how she got into fly tying and some of her influences.  Find out about her clumping technique.

The April Vokey podcast where she noted how she deals with the Bulkley River crowds.   

Tie One On: 6 Intruder Tips article that Kate wrote and I noted in the show.

The Jerry French podcast on Anchored

Kate’s fly fishing school. 

The wool fingerless gloves from REI I love and don't go anywhere without in the winter.

Syd Glasso link and fly design is synonymous with steelhead fly design.  Here's one of his patterns, the Black Heron.

Adrian Cortez does his fly tying in hand as he walks through the grocery store

Will bush fly tying and Todd Hirano are to big tyers.

Swing the Fly Magazine is one of Kate's favorites.

Pete Humphries was on in episode 7 and broke out some spey casting tips.  Pete is one of the best at what he does so you'll want to have a listen.

Kate writes for the Fly Lords and described how she connected with them initially.  Elliott noted the Fly Lords and we also talked about Fly Fusion.

Lorraine Murphy is all about Belize Tarpon and permit

Lady Caroline and the Dallas are two of Kate’s goto flies for steelhead.

Nicole March is the quilted fly tier is another great resource.  

You can reach Kate at on Instagram here.

Conclusion with Kate Watson

We get a new perspective on fishing and guiding in BC with Kate this week.  She grew up in a Canadian lodge so has been in this game for most of her life.  We get into a little on Tarpon, life and relationships.  All over the place again including Fly Lords and hosted trips.