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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Mar 19, 2019

Show Notes:

Jako Lucas, one of the biggest salt water names in fly fishing is on the show today.  Jako has fished all over the world in some of the most sought after destinations we know of.  Jako has also produced a number of award winning videos at Captain Jack Productions.

Show Notes with Jako Lucas

(Updated show notes links and times: Show Notes:

We talk about a few of Jako's videos on GT's.  Heres a link to a strip set and run video.  You need to rip its face off!

The Wycleff video we note in the show.

Jako notes Confluence Films and others that have had a big influence on him.

Jako notes guiding 320 days in one year here.  Pretty crazy when you think about it right?

Jako works with Yeti coolers and is a big sponsor.

Jako won the Drake award for this video.

Cortland's GT/Tuna Lines are recommended in the show.

A waterproof bag as noted by other guests, is an essential piece of gear.  The panga bags by Yeti are noted along with a great backpack.

We talk about Yeti and the amazing videos that they put together.  Here's a popular Yeti video.

Thomas and Thomas is one of Jako's goto rod companies.

Alphonse Fishing Company or Yellow Dog are two of the biggest destination companies out there.

Conclusion with Jako Lucas

Jako and I get into a discussion on GT's and some of the award winning fly fishing videos he has produced over the years.  I loved one video in particular that was copyrighted.  We talk about the law here and how he deals with this issue.

Show Notes: