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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Apr 9, 2019

Show Notes:

Joe Brooks shares how he produced a documentary about the great Joe Brooks, his grandfathers brother and the man who influenced Lefty Kreh and many other great fly fisherman.

We find out how the late great Joe Brooks fell from grace to live on the streets but pulled himself out of the gutter to become one of the most influential fly fisherman in history.

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Show Notes with Joe Brooks

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Pools and Riffles was one of the his first popular fishing columns that Joe wrote as part of a local paper

Salt Water Fly Fishing was the first book on salt water fishing.

In The Complete Book of Fly Fishing Joe talks about how he was a dry fly purist to begin with but Tom Loving introduced shad and striper via salt water.

Salt Water Game Fishing was another book Joe published.

Joe Brooks had a career in baseball and played for the Baltimore Orioles near the time when Babe Ruth was on that same team.

Joe mentions the movie My Name is Bill W that was based on the story of the man who created Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock was a group that was big for Joe.

Pools and Riffles section of the magazine and Outdoor Writers Association was part of Joe's people.

The American Sportsman was Joe's next level and one of the things that started outdoor television.

Jimmy Albright was a big part of Joe's wedding to Mary.

The first book on Salt Water Fly Fishing by Joe Brooks.

You can find the documentary at

Joe Brooks Books

Salt Water Fly Fishing by Joe Brooks

The Complete Book of Fly Fishing by Joe Brooks

Conclusion with Joe Brooks

We hear the story of Joe Brooks from the person who produced the documentary on the great Joe Brooks life. 

Joe Brooks had more influence during his day than any other person and is the person who put salt water fly fishing on the map.

We hear how Joe lived a rich life then ran into alcoholism and found himself living on the street. 

Show Notes: