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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

May 21, 2019

Show Notes:


Dave McCoy from Emerald Water Anglers put together a great episode for Sea-Run Cutthroat fishing and maybe the best resource online for Sea-Run fly fishing in Puget Sound.

We talk about the best beach access points, Yakima trout fishing and what it felt like going all in on building the fly shop.  Steelhead in Argentina, the Sound Searcher and a great 8' 8" fly rod by Thomas and Thomas is all on tap today.

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Show Notes with Dave McCoy

Marty Sheppard was on the podcast in episode 76 and talked about the 30 day John Day River steelhead season.

The Sound Searcher is a pattern developed by Dave's dad and imitates a wounded bait fish.  See below for the photo.

The Thomas and Thomas 250 exocett ss rod is the goto rod for dave in the 8' 8" variety.

We talk about steelhead in Argentina.  Here's a random video that touches on it.

Brian O'keefe was on the podcast in episode 78 where we covered some great photo tips. is a movement that Dave helped to move forward and now Brian Husky is leading the charge.

Rob Crandall was on the show in episode 62. We talk about the debate between barbed and barbless hooks.

Oliver White was on in episode 69 and described how he left his guide job to become a hedge fund manager in New York.58:30 - Brian O'keefe was on here.

The Scientific Angler Trout Spey Light line is perfect for puget sound because it's a one piece.

The Foul Free Hering Fly Pattern.

Dave notes these two books that are good resources.  Afoot and Afoat in the Sound and Beach Walks and Hikes around Puget Sound.

The Orvis episode with Brian O'keefe where he covers 10 huge photo tips.

Steve Duda and Jason Rolfe were both on the podcast and were both Fly Fish Journal editors.

Dave tells us about his daughter and her interest in Led Zeppelin.

The Oregon Country Fair is a ultra popular hippie event near Eugene.  I've been there once and recommend it.

Pearl Jam and Metallica were some of Dave's bands during the college years.

Jay Nicholas also has a book on Sea-Run Cutthroat fishing.

You can reach Dave at Emerald Water Anglers

Resources Noted in the Show

Thomas and Thomas 250 exocett ss

Scientific Angler Spey Light

Afoot and Afloat in Puget SoundBeach

Walks and Hikes around Puget Sound

Sea-Run Cutthroat:  Flies and Fishing

Videos Noted in the ShowPearl Jam - Alive

Led Zeppelin - Over the Hills and Far Away

The Sound Searcher

Conclusion with Dave McCoy

We cover Cutthroat Fishing in depth with a focus on Puget Sound.  I think this may be the ultimate resource out there on these two topics.  Leave a comment if there is another great resource that we can link out to.

Show Notes: