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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jul 16, 2019

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Show Notes:

Cameron Mortenson is on the podcast to talk about the Fiberglass Manifesto, the largest website dedicated to all things glass fly rods.  We talk about an easy way to get into the glass game with a $30 rod, talk about the history and where glass rods are going.

Find out how Cameron built the Manifesto while maintaining his life as a police officer and father.  We hear a couple of tips to avoid your next ticket, what Cameron has on tap after retirement, and what the next big thing is for Fiberglass Rods.

Fly Fisherman's Fantasy:

Show Notes with Cameron Mortenson

Eagle Claw Featherlight rods are still available for a crazy low price.  You can pick up a featherlight rod here.

The Fiberglass FlyRoders Forum touched on vintage rods back in the day but has grown since.

The Cabelas glass rods, Blue Halo, Redington, Echo are all low cost rods that help you get in the game.

Ebay is another great place to find fiberglass rods at a good deal.

We talk about the Eagle Claw 7' Featherlight which is perfect for kids.

Chris Barclay in NC who is into small stream rods, Shane Gray, Mike McFarland and Livingston Rod Company are all doing cool new designs with glass rods.

Rent this Rod is one of our partner companies and was on the podcast here.

The gear review section of The Fiberglass Manifesto blog.

Big Johnson's book -  Fiberglass Fly Rods along with the pricing guide are good resources.

Colin Mckeown was on in episode 84 who talked about how he built the New Fly Fisher tv show.

E Glass, S Glass, T Glass.  Here's a blog post that talks about the differences.

Check out this 45 minute John Prine video.

Captain Kevin Morlock is a great carp resource.

You can find Cameron at

Resources Noted in the Show

The Eagle Claw Featherlight Glass Rod ($29.99)

Fiberglass Fly Rods by Victor Johnson

Videos Noted in the Show

John Prine | House Of Strombo


Conclusion with Cameron Morenson

Cameron shares some tips on finding a good fiberglass rod, be that a nice $30 special or a higher end rod.  

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