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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Aug 6, 2019

Show Notes:

Fly Fishing Fantasy Trip:

Kyle Shea breaks out some Alaska tips for rainbows and how he got involved with Deneki and Alaska West.  If you've ever googled steelhead or trout fishing for Alaska, you've probably seen one of his 1400 Deneki blog posts.

Spey fishing for rainbows, king salmon, Leopard rainbow and how to find the big fish are covered in this episode along with a step x step gear guide to get ready for you next trip.  We talk about the difference in lodge trips you can take and glamping vs the full hottub wine and dine style.


Fly Fishing Fantasy Trip


Show Notes with Kyle Shea

Updated Links:

I noted the Tom Larimer podcast where he broke down the 5 rich tips to catch summer steelhead during the daytime.

Kyle wrote for the Deneki blog and produced 1000's of blog posts over is time there.  Here's a great post on the top flies for rainbow.

The Coburn Special was his grandfathers goto fly that he developed.  Kyle didn't realize until later that his grandfather was a big fly fisherman.

Kyle notes Leopard Rainbows who have spots in their eyeballs.  Here's a pic from the Deneki blog. 

Our Favorite Ways to Catch Rainbow Trout Blog Post from Dekeki and a bunch of other trout resources.

Kyle notes a popular blog post on making your own fly line lanyard.

Here is the run down from Kyle in Hatch Outdoors.  This is the step x step guide to what you need to get started.

Here's a post and some pics on what the tents and experience is like at Alaska West.

Bristol Adventures is the next level up from the tent lodge trip as well as Mission Lodge take you to the high end accommodations.

Jim Klug was on the podcast in this episode.

The Belgian Cast is key to fishing with a lot of weight.  Here's a video from Gink and Gasoline on the Belgian Cast.

Ray Montoya was on the podcast here and talked about fishing the Middle East for over 20 years.

The Mr. Hanky by Jeff Hickman and the Flesh Fly are two of Kyle's goto patterns for Alaska.  The Happy Meal is a good flesh fly pattern.

Riverhorse Nakadate was on the the podcast on a past episode.  I note the Fly Fish Journal and the struggle with blog post commenting.

You can reach Kyle at

Resources Noted in the Show

Click here to read a bunch of great Deneki Blog Posts:

A great post on Hatch Outdoors from Kyle Shea

Videos Noted in the Show

How to use The Belgian Cast

Conclusion with Kyle Shea

Tons of great tips from a prolific fly fishing blogger, Kyle shares some of the good stuff including his work with Hatch, making a sunglass retainer and other great stuff.  Kyle shares a link to a great blog post on the gear you need to swing up rainbows in Alaska, a post in Hatch Outdoors.

Show Notes:

Fly Fishing Fantasy Trip: