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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Aug 13, 2019

Show Notes:

Bill Spicer host of The New Fly Fisher breaks down musky fishing and some great tips to get you into a chance for a big fish.  We talk about the best lakes to target musky, the gear you need to have a chance and how to revive a tired fish.

Bill describes the biggest difference between pike and musky, why he uses marker buoys and how a musky can melt a stainless steel hook.  Lots of good stuff including where to go for more resources to hook some musky.

Show Notes with Bill Spicer

Updated Time and Links:

Bill has been part of The New Fly Fisher as a host for a number of years now.  Bill tells us how he was lucky and in the right place.

Mark Melnyk and Phil Rowley are both part of The New Fly Fisher.  Phil Rowley was on in a past episode and it was a very good show.

Colin McKeown was on the podcast and talked about atlantic salmon.

Lake of the Woods and Lake Nipising are two of the goto lakes for Musky if you could go anywhere.

The RIO musky pike taper is a goto line that Bill uses.  He feels it's one of the best lines on the market.

Bite wire from RIO is a key for keeping fish on your line and avoids leaving a hook in a musky mouth.

The figure 8 is a key.  Check out the Crow Lake Lodge which breaks out the figure 8.  This is a good video that shows how to do the figure 8 and hook a fish.

Marker boys help to mark the areas where fish are holding.

Andy Pappas was one of the big guides that helped Bill with Musky.

Francisco Vilches was a huge South American guide with Huillin Fly Fishing.

Jim Saric's Musky Hunter is a good resource along with the Ugly Pike Podcast as well as Muskies Canada.

The best temperatures are between 55 and 72 degrees. 

Here are a list of some good musky videos.

Mark Melnick is the newest new fly fisher and covering salt.

Erick Clapton and Chet Atkins are both big influences for Bill.

You can find Bill at The New Fly Fisher on Youtube.

Resources Noted in the Show

A few of the products that Bill notes in the show:

RIO InTouch Pike/Musky Fly Line

RIO Wire Bite Tippet


Videos Noted in the Show

Huillin Fly Fishing in Patagonia


Chet Atkins - Black Mountain Rag

Eric Clapton - Layla

Conclusion with Bill Spice

Bill Spicer breaks out some great tips including where the New Fly Fisher has taken him over the last 17 years.  We find out why synthetics are better for tying, why a wide gap hook is best, why you need a carbonated beverage to save fish, and the bigger difference between pike and musky.

Show Notes: