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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Aug 27, 2019

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Len Zickler, the CEO of Fly Fishers International is on the podcast to tell their story and how you can connect with an amazing resource.  Whether it's fly tying, casting or conservation, FFI is all in on helping you become a better angler and conservationist.

Find out about the Fly Tying Skills Award Program and other activities that are helping to engage people in fly fishing.  Len talks about his grandfather and the fly rod that planted the seed.  

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Show Notes with Len Zickler

The Clearwater Orvis fly rod outfit was the first solid intro outfit that Len picked up when he got started.

The "movie" comes up here.  Here's another random link.

Dec Hogan was hosting a trip to a private lake and helped Len get started.  Dec was on the podcast in episode 20.

Mel Krieger was one of Len's mentors.  Len talks about how Mel came up with the casting certification.  Here's a video with Mel providing some casting tips.

I noted that Joan Wulff is going to be on the show soon.  Here's a placeholder to note the Joan Wulff podcast.

Len talks about the difference between Trout Unlimited and FFI.  FFI is set apart because they cover all species around the world.

Jeff Courier was on the podcast and talked about his 400 fly caught species.  Indonesia for example, is a strong part of the FFI community.

Project Healing Waters is a partner of FFI and is all about helping veterans get healthy through fly fishing.  I interviewed PHWFF back in this episode.

The Fly Tying Skills Award Program and now the Fly Casting Skills Award Program are very popular processes that help people to stay active and take it to the next level.

The FFI magazine can be found at the Fly Fishing Show or any of the regional events around the country, including the Expo in Bozeman.

Len notes the issue with paper and was noted in a past episode here.

The Anthem video was produced out of Bozeman.  This video explains who FFI is and where they want to go.

Pat Flynn says to be everywhere these days which isn't always easy todo.

The Learning Center is a great resource for anglers and are not as well known.  Here's a link to the Learning Center.  Share it if it's helpful for you.

TFO and Echo have done a good job finding a mid range and affordable fly rod.  Sage has now created a wider range package as well.

We talk about Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.  Here is a great VHI Documentary series on youtube.

Mike Mercer created the Missing Link fly pattern.  Here's the episode with Mike Mercer and I tell my Missing Link story.

Patrick Barry is the new CEO of FFI and has the ability to bring some new tools for FFI and all of us.  Say hi to Patrick here.

You can reach Len at

Resources Noted in the Show

Orvis Clearwater Outfit

The Learning Center


Videos Noted in the Show

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Here's the VHI Video Documentary

Dire Straits Sultans of Swing


Conclusion with Len Zickler

Len Zickler does a great job providing some tips on how to take advantage of the Fly Fishers International and talks about how they are trying to change makeup of the orginization.  Getting away from the "old white guy" syndrome.

Show Notes:

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