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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Sep 3, 2019

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Gunnar Brammer shares his best tips on pike fly fishing, tying streamers, his connection with Kelly Galloup and a boat load more of great tips.  We hear about the Sculp Daddy, Kill Whitey and other huge flies that are ultra effective and based on the forage base.

Find out how to fish the St. Louis River, how to set hooks with streams for smallmouth, trout and pike.  Tons of great videos, books and resources to help you get your streamer game going.

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Show Notes with Gunnar Brammer

Updated Time Stamps:

Kelly Galloup was on the podcast and went deep into streamers and the history.

Here is the Dirty Water Strippin Video where Gunnar shows us how to pick up browns next to the bank while stripping big flies.

Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout was one book that got Gunnar started in the streamer game.

John McClure's Kill Whitey was noted here.  We talk about how bass will take a huge pike fly and a diverse array of flies.

The Triple Sculp Daddy is based on the forage base in his home river.

Kelly Galloup's Streamers on Steroids video helped to make it all click for Gunnar.  Here is the trailer for that video.

Brian Wise is on youtube and can be found at Fly Fishing the Ozarks.  He was another big mentor for Gunnar.

Here's how to stack hair without a tool from Gunnar.   There are a bunch of other great tips in this video.

Bob Popovics was another huge mentor for Gunnar and his book Fly Design was another big influence.  Here's a link to Popovics book.

Fish of the Great Lakes Region is a resource that will help you tie and fish the right flies for the forage.

The Keeled Jerk is the most popular video on Gunnar's youtube channel.

The Tie Like a Pro Fly Tying series can be found here on youtube.

Niklaus Bauer is a huge pike influencer in europe.  This is where the jerk series by Gunnar first was inspired.

The Meat Market Flies episode and a discussion on niching down in the fly fishing space.

Bob Popovics Hollow Fleye can be viewed via Franken Fly here.

Pat Cohen's DVD was another great resources noted and can help you tie with deer hair among other topics.

I noted the Gary Borger episode and how it's similar to Gunnar fishing streamers.

We talk about the RIO Outbound Short Fly line.

Three reasons to downsize for Musky.  Take you back to the basics when getting into it.

The Dan Johnston episode where he broke out some tips on single hand casting.

The Hareline App allows you to fish out your order and send it directly to your local fly shop.

You can find Gunnar at

Videos Noted in the Show

Dirty Water Strippin with Gunnar

How to Stack Hair without a Tool

Conclusion with Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar goes deep into a bunch of resources for tying and fishing streams including a new product he might have ready this year.  Find out about the Jerk series of flies, how a 14 inch fly works effectively and what you can do to get started hitting fish off the bank.

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