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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Oct 22, 2019

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I sat down with Jeff Perin from The Fly Fishers Place Fly Shop out of Sisters Oregon.  We dig into stillwater tips and tricks and hear about the direction that Jeff took his life after a deep connection with his grandparents got him started.

We focus on lakes of the NW and how he catches fish in the shallow and deep water.  We get into the top 3 and why entomology is so important.  Chironomids, calibetis, leaches and followed by terrestrials.  Find out about a typical day on East Lake as Jeff's break it out step x step like we love to do.

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Show Notes with Jeff Perin

(Updated links and times here:

Phil Rowley was on the show in episode 34 and Denny Rickards was on in episode 64 both focused on stillwater.

Jim Klug was on the podcast in episode 87 and was an old friend of Jeff's.

Cameron Mortenson was in episode 88 and noted the Eagle Claw Glass rod as Jeff mentioned here.

The chironomid life cycle and the importance for trout fishing.  The pupal process and the emergence process can be huge if you hit it just right.

Jeff notes the Almost Dun which is tied on a scud hook and throws the tail below the surface film.  It looks like the nymph has got to the surface and is pushing its way up through the water.

Rick Hafele was on in episode 37 and covered entomology with a focus on rivers.

The Century Drive Nymph and the Griffiths Gnat are great adult patterns.

We go into the calibetus also know as the speckled winged quill.

The Hewes Craft Open Fisherman boat is one of Jeff's current goto boats for lakes.

The Rio Sweep Series lines are perfect for Loch-Style fishing that we talk about here.  Jeff thinks the Loch-Style is the next big thing.

Bugs of the Underworld is a great video for learning about entomology.

The Hatch Guide for Lakes by Jim Schollmeyer is another great book if you can find to help increase your knowledge.

The Stillwater App by Rowley and Chan is a great tool to use while out on the lake.

The Outside article tells the Steelhead Joe article. I did read this article and it really it home for me because I could see how I could be a steelhead Joe at a past point in my life.  Please read if you get chance to appreciate the power of this story

The 2-2-2 The top 2 Flies - #1:  The black foam beattle and the Purple Haze are Jeff's 2 goto patterns.

Jeff talks about his mono tip fro getting the fly to the correct location and depth.  Take a look at this photo that Jeff shared.

You can find Jeff at the or to connect with Jeff.

Resources Noted in the Show

The Hatch Guide for Lakes by Jim Schollmeyer

Videos Noted in the Show

Bugs of the Underworld - Stoneflies

Conclusion with Jeff Perin

Jeff talks about the dry fly, when to wind drift, the Lock-Style and all of the above for stillwater fly fishing.  We here how Jeff gets his clients into fish on the many amazing cascade lakes.  We dig into entomology and what you need to know to find the fish.

Show Notes:

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