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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Nov 12, 2019

Show Notes:

We hear the Pat Cohen story and how Pat went from a tattoo artist to one of the most popular fly tyers in the country.  Pat specializes in tying deer hair poppers.  He is also a smallmouth bass master and digs into some of his best bass tips today.

Pat shares exactly how to tie a great bass popper including the best materials, tools and techniques.  We hear the story of getting the bug from his first top water catch and then quickly won rookie of the year in fly tying after just a few months.

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Show Notes with Pat Cohen
(Updated Links and Time Stamp:

In 2009 Pat won the Rookie of the year through The Fly Tying Forum.  In 2010 he won the entire competition.

Early on Pat was tying basic stuff but eventually went on to tie birds and many other crazy patterns.  Here's a link to the bird fly.

Dave Whitlock's Fruit Cocktail was the crazy early pattern that Pat produced but he has since taken it to the next level.

Take a look at Pat's Instagram account to see some of the crazy stuff that he puts together.

Pat is covered in tattoos but is able to cover them all with clothes.  We talk about the moral responsibility in tattoo art.

A Good sturdy hook like Ahrex hooks are key in tying deer hair poppers.

Stacking is a technique that is important for tying poppers.  Here's a video of Pat stacking vs spinning deer hair.

Hareline is one of the companies that Pat gets his material from but there are many he works with.

The Ahresx TP 610 is his goto hook for streamers and poppers.

GSP 200 Denier thread is the best thread to use for the work that Pat does.

Pat was on the Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast where he went deep into all of the exact tools he uses that we don't cover today.

Here is one of Pat's bass videos and his youtube channel.

Pat's instructional video that covers all of his best fly tying tips.  You can find it on his site.

Pat also has a new book coming out with 42 step x step patterns plus a bunch of patterns from all over the globe.

Colin Mckeown was on the podcast in episode 84 and talked about the amount of time they put in to do there videos.

The Bloomberg video was noted and the crazy work that went into producing it.

The Gheenoe LT10 is Pat's goto boat and is his all time favorite boat to use.

The Jiggy Craw is one of his goto patterns when

You can find Pat Cohen at RU Superfly.


Resources Noted in the Show
(Updated Resources & Video Links:

Pat's Stacked Deer Hair Diver DVD

Ahrex 610 Hooks

Veevus GSP Thread

Videos Noted in the Show:

The Pat Cohen Bloomberg Video

The Gheenoe LT10 is Pat's Goto Boat

Conclusion with Pat Cohen

Pat Cohen tells his bass popper story and how he started from his brothers combo rod then turned it into a serious passion for tying and fly fishing.  He started from a Krystal Flash Woolly Bugger then into his first LL Bean store where he saw his first hair bug. The rest is history as they say.

Show Notes: