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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Nov 26, 2019

Show Notes:

Rick Takahashi is on the podcast to cover fly tying and fishing terrestrials.  Rick tells why he loves terrestrials and which terrestrials you should focus on as your A list.

Rick describes his biggest influences and the books he loves including Caddisflies by Gary LaFontaine.  Tons of great resources and tips in this one by one of our great teachers in fly tying.  Hear about the best materials to find from the Dollar Store along with some other items and dollar store nuggets.

Hosted OP Steelhead Trip with Dave:

Show Notes with Rick Takahashi

Ross Purnell was the editor of Fly Fisherman Magazine. Rick put together some illustrations for Ross and the shop to get started.

Jay Nichols with Headwaters Books came to Rick to write a book.  So he wrote his first book on midges.

Modern Terrestrials and Modern Midges were the first two books for Rick.

Rick has taught a number of demonstration fly tyers over the years.

We discussed IFTD and Whiting Farms.

Ask About Fly Fishing had Rick on their show to cover terrestrials as well.

Gary Lafontaine was a huge influence on Rick with his underwater work in identifying the insects.

CaddisFlies from Gary LaFontaine is one of the most influential books in fly fishing.

The Letort Hopper with Rick's spin on it.

River Roads Creations makes a great synthetic wing material that works great for some of Rick's favorite pattern.

Bears Baetis is a pattern that uses wig material from the Dollar Store.

Modern Midges was Rick's first book and how writing has always been the struggle.

We noted Pat Dorsey who was on the podcast here and covered Colorado fishing.

The Manzanar anglers who snuck out from the Japanese internment camps during the war and went trout fishing.

The Taka-Hopper is one of Rick's goto flies.

Charlie Craven's book along with Pat Dorsey and Landon Mayer's books are all goto resources for books in fly tying.

The vice designed by Kevin Evans

Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys

The finest fly tying benches are what Rick uses and is another person who Rick influenced.

Resources Noted in the Show

Modern Terrestrials - Rick Takahashi

Caddisflies by Gary LaFontaine

Conclusion with Rick Takahashi

I had a great conversation with Rick Takahashi on fly tying with a focus on terrestrials.  Not only do we cover all of this but Rick even breaks out a joke for us.  Haha, the lots are of telling jokes.  If you have a good joke to tell leave it in the comments.

We also hear about Rick's band and his guitar playing, lead singing and the blues harp.  As usual we are all over the place on this one but we do get into some nice fly thing tips.

Show Notes: