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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Dec 31, 2019

Show Notes:

I sat down with Rainy Riding, the founder of Rainy's Flies, to hear the story of how she created one of the largest fly distribution centers in the country.  We go in deep to the history of how she created the company given plenty of setbacks along the way.

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Show Notes

Fly Fishing the West was the first magazine that Rainy placed an ad in for Rainys Flies.

The Snakehead is one species Rainy notes for SE Asia.  Here's a interesting video on snakehead.

Here is the Joan Wulff interview.  Rainy notes the impact from Joan to woman in fly fishing.

The Grand hopper is one of Rainy's favorite patterns.

Big Y Fly Shop and the Grand Hopper.  Rainy notes that she doesn't agree with them selling this fly under a different name.

The Letort Hopper vs the Grand Hopper fly pattern.  We talk about innovation and how Rainy tries very hard to do a lot of fact checking before selling a new fly.

Montana Flies and Umpqua are two big players in the space as well as Rainy's.

Jesse Riding has some fly tying videos here.

The DVD set through Rainy's can be found here.

Click here to listen to the Frank Sinatra Christmas Alblum.

You can find Rainy at Rainy's Flies


Videos Noted in the Show

Jesse Riding Fly Tying

Frank Sinatra Christmas

Conclusion with Rainy Riding

Rainy shares the story of how she created Rainy's Flies which is one of the big distributors of flies in the country.  We hear a little bit about the patterns she ties and developed and what building a business in fly sales is like.

Show Notes: