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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Feb 18, 2020

Show Notes:

Fred Klein breaks down some great tips on tying classic wet flies and sheds some light on the history of wet flies.  He is the Grizzly king on Instagram and is breaking out beautiful pics for everyone to see out there.

Fred talks about the history of classic flies and some of the great books you can check out.  We also touch on brook trout and some of the flies that Fred uses.  Don't miss this as Fred describes the 6 top must have books for classic flies.


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Show Notes with Fred Klein

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Ray Bergman was the editor for Outdoor Life.  The Book Trout from 1938 was Ray's biggest book with flies from pre WWII era.

Grizzly King Fly on instagram is Fred's main outlet where he shares all of his over 350 custom wet fly patterns.

We talk about the pathfinder as seen on Ray Bergman's book and tied here by Fred.  Fred describes a little about wet wings and how to tie them correctly.

Fred notes two books here and how tips up and tips down changed over the years.

The Silver Doctor has a married wing and can be seen below.  Died goose is very typical for this fly pattern.

Fred is an ambassador for Partridge Hooks

The Parmachene Bell was noted here and on the podcast with John Shewey in episode 16.

NW Fly Fishing Magazine and Classic Steelhead Flies are both products from John Shewey.

Here is the Harliquin below from Ray Bergman's book and on Instagram through Fred's feed.

Joseph Bates, Leonard wrote Flies from 1950 which had a huge number of flies.  Carrie Stevens were all big names back in the old days.

Piscator Flies and Darren MacEachern was behind Streamers 365 which was a huge project.

The Alexadra fly and Carrie Stevens Boston Blackie which is an unknown fly but are Fred's goto flies for brook trout.

The must read books are as follows:

Thadeus Norrus:  The American Angler
Charles Orvis:  Fishing with a fly from 1883,
Favorite Flies and there History by Marry Orvis
Trout by Ray Bergman
Flies: 2200 Wet Flies and Streamers
Joseph Bates:  Streamers and Bucktails

Davie McPhail is one of the best fly tyers on Instagram.  You can check out his youtube channel here.

The Silver Stork was noted here.

H&H Vises were noted here.  Here's what H and H stands for.

The Quack Doctor was discussed here in relation to mylar and other silver and gold tinsels.

Here's a link to the new Tesla Truck.  Leave a comment if you like the look of this baby?

You can find Fred Klein at Grizzle King Fly on Instagram.

Resources Noted in the Show

Videos Noted in the Show

Here's a Classic Davie McPhail Video


The Alexandra Wet Fly

Conclusion with Fred Klein

Fred Klein shares some of his best classic wet flies and the resources to help you get started.  He talks about the importance of thread size, why he loves Davie McPhail and why you should follow him.

Show Notes: