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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Mar 24, 2020

Show Notes:


I sat down with Paul Beel from Frankenfly to hear how he built an amazing fly tying resource online and what's next for the other mad scientist we've had on the podcast.  Do you remember who the first was?

Flymphs, Rainy's, Dan Frazier and the carp stalker are all on tap today.  Leave comment or send me an dm on social to let me know if you enjoyed this episode.

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Fly Fishing and Tying Journal:

Show Notes with Paul Beel from Frankenfly

  • The Ergo All Purpose bobbin from Loon Outdoors.
  • Rainy's Flies and Dette Flies are two companies that Paul works with and covers social media for them now.
  • Wayne Sampson was interviewed on Frankenfly and was a decibel of Chris Helm.
  • Dan Frazier and Jay Zimmerman have two great carp books on fly design.  Paul notes that you have to have a hook that rides up.
  • Carp Stalker 1 on instagram is a great resource for Carp fishing.
  • Dave Hughes has a book on Flymphs and the Flymph Forum are two resources out there.
  • Michigan Dry Flies is another little niche in fly fishing.
  • I need to contact Joe Fox who is a classic catskill tyer and a guy we need to get on the podcast. 
  • Here is a great video on Joe Fox and the history and tradition that was passed down to him.
  • The Bearded Wonder is an original pattern from Paul.
  • We talk about Mike Schmidt and how he was a mentor for Paul.  Here's a video on Mike Schmidt's background.
  • Monster Dub is one of the most popular dubbing materials on the site.
  • The Bluegill belly bean is quickly becoming the all around goto pattern for multi species.
  • HMH TRV and HMH Standard are Paul's goto vices.  Deneki reviews the Standard HMH vice here.
  • Deer Creek is making a custom scissor for Frankenfly.
  • West Fly closed up shop this last year.  Here's a podcast with Scott Richmond who was behind West Fly. Funny thing, someone already purchased the URL West Fly and selling flies.  Happens quick right?
  • The Fiberglass Manifesto and Brian Wise on Youtube are two great resources Paul follows.  Brian's channel is all about music.  I think I need to get him on the podcast to here the story.
  • Link to the Nature Conservancy article describing the Walbash River.
  • You can Find Paul at FrankenFly

Videos Noted in the Show

Here's a video on Mike Schmidt's background.

Joe Fox and a little history

Here's Brian Wise' Channel with Music baby!


Conclusion with Paul Beel

Paul Beel from Frankenfly breaks out his story and some tips for Carp fly fishing and fly tying. Lots of cool history on carp and some great resources to help you get going.

Show Notes: