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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Apr 14, 2020

Show Notes:

Travis Duddles who owns the Gorge Fly Shop describes how to choose a fly rod.  Travis, who opened the fly shop at age 17, shares his story of how he has built a great local fly shop out of Hood River.

Find out what the first thing you should be thinking about when starting to need a new fly rod.  We break down each of the different levels and price ranges of rods and what you get from each.

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Show Notes with Travis Duddles

- Travis notes the Echo Carbon in $150 range and the Redington Vice in the $200 range.  The Sage Foundation is in the $300 range and a first step in the US made rods.  Click here to get a free fly line with your Sage Foundation Purchase

- The Sage Pulse, G Loomis IMX Pro, the Scott Flex and the Thomas and Thomas Zone are great rods in the $500 range.

- Winston Air, The G Loomix NRS+, The Sage X, The Sage LL are good rods in the $900 range.

- The Loomis Asquith is a great rod in the over a $1000 range

- I noted George Cook and Tom Larimer who were both on the podcast in past episodes.  George is the Sage Rep. and Tom is the sales manager for G Loomis.

- The RIO Gold and RIO Grand are two great lines that can be used with some of the rods we covered today.

- The Scientific Angler Amplitude Smooth lines up with medium fast or fast rods.

- We talked about the Cortland 444 line that was the all around line back in the day.

- The Sage Spectrum C is a great line for the trout rod setup we are covering today.

- We talk about using the wrist in a cast and Steve Rajeff and other great fly casters.

- The Gorge doesn't carry fly materials anymore but Hareline is nearby.

- Here's the link to the outfits that are pre built that Travis notes.

- Steelhead Bum is still up and running and was the goto spot for the steelhead fly angler.

you can find Travis at the Gorge Fly Shop

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Conclusion with Travis Duddles

Travis Duddles shares his best tips on choosing a fly rod.  We focus on a number of rods that would work great for you if you're in the market for a new rod.  Travis tells the Gorge Fly Shop story and how he opened the doors at the age of 17.

Show Notes: