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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

May 19, 2020

Show Notes:

Rich Strolis shares his story and how he has become known as one of the big streamer guys.  Rich breaks down how he designs flies and what he thinks about when coming up with new patterns.

We hear which hooks Rich loves, how to determine what color to use for your patterns and why he gets fired up about the dumbing down of fly fishing.

Show Notes with Rich Strolis

04:50 - Farmington River Anglers Association

06:00 - Thomas Aimes Hatch Guide to New England Streams.

10:20 - Mike Schmidt is a friend and mentor of Rich.

11:40 - Charlie Craven was on the podcast in episode 125 here.

12:38 - Montana Fly Company is associated with Rich's brand and the fly fishing books he's written.

14:30 - Dean Finnerty was on the podcast in episode 19 and was another police officer that I had on the show.

23:18 - Catching Shadows is one of Rich's big books on his fly patterns.

26:40 - The HeadBanger Sculpin is one of the goto flies as well as the shucked up emerger is a good dry fly for Rich.

27:30 - The DDT Nymph was another fly noted here.

42:00 - Roman Moser came up with the present day beads.

45:00 - Rich notes how amazing the Ahrex hooks are and what they have going right now.

47:00 - Kelly Galloup was on the podcast in episdoe 52 and is still one of the best and longest yet.

54:30 - George Daniel were on the podcast is episode 55.

You can find Rich at


Resources Noted in the Show

Catching Shadows by Rich Strolis

Thomas Aimes Hatch Guide to New England Streams.

Videos Noted in the Show

HeadBanger Sculpin

Conclusion with Rich Strolis

Rich Strolis shares some great stuff today on fly tying and fishing with a focus on streamers.  Rich goes into a couple of solid rants as well that should get you thinking next time you are on the river.

Show Notes: