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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jun 16, 2020

Show Notes:

Jason Osborn is on the podcast to share the story of how he came to own the Portland Fly Shop and some tips on why they have been successful.  Find out about the Kalama River and how Jason was able to catch fish year around on this river. 

Show Notes with Jason Osborn

Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters was Jason’s previous employer before opening up the Portland Fly Shop.

Jason talks about Jim Teeny on the Kalama back in the day.  Teeny was the Derek Jeeter of Fly Fishing.

The Klamath skater, the bomber and the waller waker are all good flies.

We talk about the riffle hitch when using wet flies for waking flies.

I @ mentioned Jason on a salmon fly skater.  a chubby Chernobyl might be the best skater for trout.

Steven bird was on the podcast here to talk about trout spey

Jerry French’s Camo squid

Frank Moore was on the podcast here and noted the skunk as one of his patterns.

Steelhead U

Caddis Fly is a great resource

Travis was on the podcast here. 

You can find Jason at the Portland Fly Shop here


Resources Noted in the Show

We talk about fall caddis and why they work later in the season.  You can listen to Tom Larimer talk about summer steelhead here.

Steelhead University

Videos Noted in the Show

Here’s a video on skating flies for steelhead on the Dean

how to tie a chubby chernobyl


Conclusion with Jason Osborn

Jason Osborn describes the experience of opening and running a new fly shop.  Find out why he quit guiding and why the new fly shop has been successful.  We hear about the Kalama and other SW Washington rivers and how they have changed over the years

We also dig into the Dean River and how you might use waking flies for steelhead on this great river.  We also break out some skating tips for rainbow trout as well.