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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jul 28, 2020

Show Notes:

Brian Silvey talks about his life as a fly fishing guide with a focus on Steelhead Fishing in Oregon.  Find out what colors are best during the early and late season and how to get your fly down during the day.  We dig back into some of the history of spey and how Brian transitioned into it. 

Show Notes with the Brian Silvey

- Brian works with Marty and Mia Sheppard who were on the podcast in episode 76 here.

- The dragon popper is one of Brian's killer poppers.

- The Cottonwood Canyon State Park is a great way to access the river if you don’t have a boat.

- We talk about Mark Bachman and the podcast he was on in episode 86 here.

- Brian tells a story about tying the Brooks Stone and the big blunder and working for Mark early on.  Here's an old school video of the Brooks Stone.

- Steve Gobin was one of Brian’s mentors and was highlighted in Trey Combs book.

The Silvenator was noted by a number of listeners of the podcast and is still one of Brian's goto flies for steelhead.

The green butt skunk, golden demon, muddlers and the max canyon are all goto flies for steelhead.

John Shewey noted bird hunting and was on the podcast in episode 16 here.

The Scientific Angler Scandi Spey Line is was recommended in this podcast.

The Sofa Pillow was a good old fly that could be used for skating for steelhead.

Davy Wotton was on the podcast here and still guides a bunch of days per year.

Sweetwater Guide School is a great resource.  Steve Wilson was on the podcast here and described the school.

You can find Brian Silvey's Fly Fishng here.

Resources Noted in the Show

The Scientific Angler Scandi Spey Line

Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies

Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

The Silvenator

The Max Canyon

Conclusion with Brian Silvey

Brian Silvey is on to share some tips on steelhead fishing and spey casting and takes up back to his first job.  Find out about Poly leaders vs mono leaders and some of the lines Brian is working on now with Scientific Anglers.

Show Notes: